Battle Tanks 3D: Armageddon


Battle Tanks 3D: Armageddon - the game is designed for the Android platform, in which you take part in a traditional tank battles. Why Traditional? Because the battle similar to the classic 2D «tanchiki" for the first generations of consoles. The essence of the game is reduced, as before, to the need to destroy all enemies on the small map, but is executed in modern graphics, but also expanded the need to protect their military base.

As such, there is no storyline, just you need step by step to win the enemy occupied territories. In this case, the enemies will be just as much a result of you'll master, however, help from anyone not wait, will fight alone. At least one is a warrior, but you will be able to refute this concept!

Quality of the game and good gameplay leave a good impression, although in general the game is pretty ordinary. The game has two modes, one mode of "survival".

The main characteristics and advantages of the game Battle Tanks 3D: Armageddon

· Traditional tank battles

· Hundreds of enemies with whom we must keep fighting

· On the positive results provides a variety of cool bonuses

· You can play in a pair

· The opportunity to improve your battle tank

· Large number of exciting missions and tasks

· For the game did not have to pay, even Donata no

Negative characteristics of the game Battle Tanks 3D: Armageddon

· "Veterans" of the genre not to everyone's liking

Summary: Given the fact that the game is free and does not contain Donati, lovers tank battles can gladly pass their leisure time.

For the game needed cache, download at: sd / android / obb

Download Battle Tanks 3D: Armageddon apk Free 13.3 MB version 1.0.2

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