Route Z


Route Z - runner on Android. The letter «Z» in the name of the game means that the plot there zombies, and it's true, zombies await you on the way. The habit to define a zombie in the title letter «Z» went after the announcement of the film "War of the Worlds Z». Maybe it's a pretty ordinary, but in any case, you can easily determine the nature of the game. So, most likely, thought and game developers Route Z from Moonshark Inc.

It is worth mentioning that the game about zombies is very, very much, not all, unfortunately, decent quality, which harms the image of ideas and the genre as a whole. This game belongs to the runner, and the way in which you have to go through endless, which is characteristic of almost all the runners. In accordance with the usual gameplay you will be moving on the road, push obnoxious zombie.

However, it should be noted that the game is made in good graphics. Beautifully drawn pictures of the scenery around you; impressive explosions; pleasantly surprised by road dust. Convenient control offers several options.

Disappointing presence Donata - you need to refuel, talk to him!

The main characteristics and advantages of the game Route Z:

· Aimlessly running and crushing zombies along the way can help to relax a little

· Three pictures of landscapes

· At your disposal 8 cars

· The ability to make a combo

· Supports multiple game modes

· Pretty well executed graphics

· Control the choice

· Other than English game also supports 6 languages

· The opportunity to present the results on Facebook

· Downloads - without payment

Negative characteristics of the game Route Z:

· There is a "gasoline" Donat

· Full version costs $ 7 (too much!)

· Is not much different from most monotonous runners

Summary: $ 7 for the version without energy or conventional, without the distinctive properties runner - it is very expensive, despite the fact that the game is executed on a high level of quality. If you still want to play, do not pay attention to these shortcomings and enjoy.

Warning! Cache for the game in the directory sd / android / obb


Download Route Z apk Free 16.26 MB version 1.0.2

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