Stylish Sprint 2


Stylish Sprint 2 - a game for Android, created in a three-dimensional platforming genre, although it contains elements that are typical of rnnera, such as running, obstacles, and others. Hero, whom you play, running independently. The game is divided into levels, each level you have to complete the task. Go to the next level only after fulfillment of all tasks. After passing each level you get the money that can be used to buy clothes for the hero, as well as bonuses which if necessary can be very useful. If money is gather up enough, you can replace the main character.

In order to make the gameplay more varied and exciting, developers, except for running and overcome obstacles, provided the fight against monsters. There are certain similarities, even in mechanics, the main character from Stikmanom that does not detract from the merits of the game Stylish Sprint 2.

Design of the game is made on a high quality level, it applies to both graphics and images to be painted. The game is characterized by sufficient simplicity that requires little or no detail. Animation is used in sufficient quantity, animation pictures environment makes them more attractive and alive.

The main characteristics and advantages of the game Stylish Sprint 2:

· Great graphics and animation

· Quality made environment using 3D technology

· Gameplay is simple, but at the same time very fascinated

· Levels are characterized by diversity, which is not bored

· Account to Facebook allows you to play with your friends

· Per game do not pay

· Game contains no advertising

Negative qualities of the game Stylish Sprint 2:

· Game does not work without an internet connection

· Donat, without which you can do

· There is no translation, the game is available in English only

Summary: The game in general we can say that this is a very good platformer with elements of the runner and recommend it to all fans of the genre, but only if there are no problems with the internet. It should be noted that the game contains a cache at: sd / android / obb


Download Stylish Sprint 2 apk Free 47.61 MB version 2.0.1

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