Street Skater 3D


Street Skater 3D runner and again, though expecting something more fresh and original developers Play365, which created a lot of different games, including puzzle about plumbing, neon hockey and others. This autumn has brought to market a game about skateboarders and what was disappointing that this runner, because by and large, what's the difference, as you move forward on collecting coins - on a skateboard, bike, car or on foot. The essence of the runner of the vehicle does not change - the farther the better, the more coins collected along the way, the richer. As a result, in this game skate is not a base reference point, and just an excuse to create the next runner.

If once upon a time the game could vtolkat tricks, and the possibility of a decent physics vykabluchivatsya as you want, then Play365 decided it was too for wimps, so did runner :)

The main characteristics and advantages of the game Street Skater 3D:

· 6 skaters

· Bonuses bit, just a couple to become a polovchee

· Sound very realistic, the game is accompanied by great music

· Skating too similar to the real

· A few interesting tricks

· Beautiful graphics

· Per game do not pay

Negative characteristics of the game Street Skater 3D:

· Donat

· A lot of advertising

· Not seen some of the obstacles, but in life it happens

Summary: If you do not pay attention to the convention skate in this game, which is very upsetting, then you can play, although the game is far from ideal.


Download Street Skater 3D apk Free 16.29 MB version 1.0.3
Download Street Skater 3D apk Free 16.13 MB version 1.0.4

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