Red Ball 4


Red Ball 4 - addictive platformer for Android. Some common genres such as platformers, characterized by a general lack of - lack of novelty. Agree, it is difficult to come up with something new and original with a large number of games made ​​in this genre, but it should be noted that the developers of FDG Entertainment GmbH Co.KG included all their imagination and create exciting, different novelty gaming product.

Interesting storyline is that the world is a pretty aggressive cubes that do not like the roundness and good and peaceful balls. Cuba want to give the whole its angular shape and the planet including, for she, too, ball, so all the balls in danger. You need to win over the cubes and balls and help the planet.

In accordance with the gameplay you will be visiting various locations where you will find and collect stars until you reach the sinister factory where the good balls transform into cubes. You have to save them. Along the way you'll meet enemies to be overcome, the only way you get to the factory. In order to defeat the enemy you need to come on to them or dump them on the boxes.

Game well designed using one hand simple, but at the same time pleasing graphics. Appropriate soundtrack will not leave you indifferent. We can not say that the game levels are highly complex, but at the same time the level of complexity does not completely relax.

Key features and advantages of the game Red Ball 4:

· Another wonderful release in a series of games

· Need to pass 45 levels

· Not weak enemies

· Good graphic design

· Suitable soundtrack

· Possibility to use the joystick

· Per game do not pay

Negative characteristics of the game Red Ball 4:

· Donat, but powerful, to restore life without it would have to wait a little longer

Summary: The fascinating story, accessible gameplay, good graphics and insignificant Donat - all this makes the game interesting for both adults and children. Play and have fun.


Download Red Ball 4 apk Free 44.42 MB version 1.0.49

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