Duet - funny arcade game on Android. The whole world around you stops and you are immersed in a trance, full of inner strength. In this state, you can easily come into contact with substances acting in the game Duet. Feel the euphoria, but be cold-blooded.

You need to keep two vessels, combined with music and dance. If you succeed, your life will be saved. In the game you need to follow fairly simple rules to manage two vessels moving in unison. Less emotions, and your life will be safe!

The game consists of eight chapters, the passage which opens for you 25 different achievements. Try your hand at this game play with high intensity. There is an opportunity to establish a survival mode, which puts the job on a daily basis and offers four additional chapters with the tasks, the implementation of which will provide you with a bonus. Intriguing, captivating gameplay will let you enjoy the gameplay in full.

Management is designed perfectly. To rotate the vessels should touch the edge of the screen. Warning: what at first glance seems simple, then can become a standard of difficulty, and try not to face obstacles in your way.

Your journey is accompanied by the playing awesome music (nine enchanting compositions), from which it becomes even more fun. Soundtrack created manually composer and producer from Melbourne Awl Tim (Tim Shiel), still known as Faux Pas. Under this pseudonym, he is known in artistic circles associated with electronic music. In addition, Tim Shiel is a popular leading independent Melbourne radio station 3RRR FM. In recent years, multi-instrumentalist, he stands in a group of musical accompaniment singer Gauthier.

The game provides full support function, as well as synchronization in Google Play Game Services. Gameplay is supported by both mobile phones and tablet. In Google Play generated a list of leaders. Compete and occupy it prizes!

Loading game Duet is free. The free version of the game contains advertising, which is not in the version of Duet Premium, but this version is paid (one time payment) and has some advantages over the free version. In Duet Premium has a survival mode, the function of daily tasks, as well as complex four chapters, overcoming which gives bonuses. And your money will be spent on the development of new games.

The presentation of the game from the developers of Duet Kumobius held under Indie Showcase exhibition PAX Aus. The game was a finalist at the festival Freeplay and was named the best in the categories "Best Design" and "Best Music". Game Time Surfer and Bean's Quest from the developers of Kumobius already won prizes at festivals of computer entertainment. Game Duet added to the list of games-winners. Terry Kavanagh (Terry Cavanagh) has made an enormous contribution to the development of the genre and the creation of this genre of successful and popular games.



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