RETRY - simultaneously complex and addictive game on Android with tangible retro touch - the impression that you went back in time and not playing on modern devices of the 21st century, and the 8-bit machine.

You are in the cockpit of a retro airplane. He smokes and therefore flies (if you can call it that), the loop. And ahead of you expect different obstacles and dangers that must be overcome to get the star as bonuses and discover new worlds for the new levels. The goal - to stop you, and your goal - to fly!

RETRY - play for free, but there are suggestions that you can buy, and you can not refuse.

Some partners have placed the game their advertising!

Warning for parents whose children have not reached the age of 13 - in the game can be:

• Links to social networking sites, in which there is no access to children under the age of 13 years;

• links where players of the game can go to any web page;

• Rovio advertising products and products from other partners.

In addition the application provides the opportunity to shop. About payment notify in advance, monitor their children to pay did not become a surprise for you!

Download RETRY apk Free 47.42 MB version 1.4.5

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