Maze Dungeon


Maze Dungeon - a great game on Android.

Happiness is not about money, but their numbers ", on this basis, the thirst for enrichment - one of the natural desire of most people. From time immemorial, people succumb to temptation and go in search of treasure. The game treasure hidden in a maze, and in order to find them, you should not get into the many traps to avoid the dangers and defeat the zombies that roam the maze. Forward in search of treasure!

In accordance with the gameplay labyrinths created randomly, except that in the campaign mode. The higher the level, the more difficult maze and richer treasures. Come to the most complex maze if you want to become very rich. Before each new game you should choose the equipment, the number of zombies that will scare you, and the appropriate size of the maze, because the more the maze, the more zombies and the less additional equipment you can take with you. If you stay alive, able fabulously rich.

Making quite satisfactory for the task, although quite simple. In your field of view - only broad-brimmed hat of your character and the torch in his hand, and the view from the top. Try to remember where to go, and put the label because illuminate the maze at a small distance you can torch or flares, most of it is in darkness.

Key features and advantages of the game Maze Dungeon:

· The number of mazes limitless as they are randomly

· Three types of mazes - sand, stone and wood

• There will be an incentive for the rating to the new achievements

· Comfortable and customizable controls

· The ability to customize and choose from two game modes - Campaign or random maze

· Good music and sound

· For the game did not have to pay

Negative characteristics of the game Maze Dungeon:

· A budget

· Simple decoration

Summary: Whether its creation more money, the game would turn out just great, so we will avoid severe criticism, but rather will support a large number of downloads


Download Maze Dungeon apk Free 14.58 MB version 1.12

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