Ninja GO: Infinite Jump


Ninja GO: Infinite Jump - a huge number of games in which you have to jump, created for android. One of the first, which was at the origin of this genre was very popular Doodle Jump. Almost all the games of this genre are simple gameplay and executed in a simple graph. No different in this regard and this game.

Graphics game performed using 2D technology. The environment is characterized by a plane as a child application and actors gave some bulk. The game is very dynamic, so the simplicity of form - not a disadvantage, and dignity.

The gameplay is somewhat different from peers. The difference is that your character runs from the left side of the screen to the right, which corresponds to the 2D technology. Platforms are both below and above, the gap between the upper platform has gaps, which are sweets, biscuits or cake. It is necessary to calculate the rate so that to get into the gap and jump onto the platform to the right. When you reach a positive result, your character will appear again on the left and the process must be repeated, rising higher and higher. Cookies and cakes that you collect in the gaps between the platforms, would introduce new characters to the game, which differ from each other only in appearance.

Advantages of the game Ninja GO: Infinite Jump

· Simplicity - a distinctive feature

· Offer a lot of heroes, they are quite interesting

· Uncomplicated graphics characterized by the quality of performance

· Different from other games of this genre

· Do not have to pay

Disadvantages of the game Ninja GO: Infinite Jump

· Advertising

· Can be bored, because it is very easy

Summary: in order to enjoy the game, you need to have these qualities: strong nerves and endurance, as well as a great reaction. How many people with the quality you can name among his friends? Bit. Therefore, the popularity of the game is not very high.


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