Paper Bike


Paper Bike - a great game on Android. "Paper bicycle" so you can translate the name of the game. Games such plan is not very much, they differ good physics, it's just necessary. To the games of this category on the similarity of physics can be attributed, for example Stikmana. On a crumpled sheet of A4 paper in pencil with the occasional use of colored drawings are plotted. It should be noted that such a formulation is to be commended, because it looks intriguing. You could say that design has become a distinctive feature of a good game.

What is the ideological component? It's simple - to pass on a certain route on a bike, overcoming obstacles, and do not break. To overcome the obstacles you will spend a lot of nerves, because the developers have tried to come up with their very complex, so you can easily break the back (long live physics!). If you're ready for the grueling process of cycling, go for it! And all you get!

Advantages of the product Paper Bike:

· Masterpiece of design art

· Awesome physics

· Excellent animation

· Large number of different obstacles

· Availability of 20 levels with the possibility of increasing their number in the near future

· Download and play - all without money!

Disadvantages Product Paper Bike:

· Not recommended for the faint of heart because of the complexity and severity

· Some obstacles are accompanied by bugs, which makes the game even more difficult

Summary: How do you feel about the defeat? Prepared for the fact that the game can win a victory over you? Play. Maybe you will be the winner!


Download Paper Bike apk Free 11.55 MB version 1.0

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