Rock Runners


Rock Runners - very plain horizontal runner for android, made ​​in 2D technology, but different brightness and build quality. Despite the fact that many of the creators of the games in the genre of runners trying to give their products a certain novelty, Rock Runners can not be called a breakthrough in the development of computer games.

Storyline is impossible to define the essence of the game is to run, collecting the blue stars. The developer has given the game parameters that characterize it positively - it is a measured animation and great graphics, the details spelled out so as not to cause discontent, though without much attention to them. It should be noted comfortable control. We can say that from a developer to create a very good gaming products, expected more, but expectations are not met. If we do not take this into account, the runner is characterized as satisfactory game of good quality.

Positive qualities of the game Rock Runners:

· A sufficient degree of quality animation and graphics

· Management offers the convenience

· Appropriate musical accompaniment

· Active runner

· A large number of levels (over a hundred)

· A modern approach to design markable worlds, which in game four

· Free download

Negative qualities Rock Runners:

· Details are not at a sufficient level

· The lack of diversity and unique intriguing properties

· Advertising advertising advertising!

Result: very suitable in order to briefly play and forget, although in general a very good runner.


Download Rock Runners apk Free 42.4 MB version 1.0.0

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