The Maze Runner


The Maze Runner - great runner on the Android. For some reason, a group of teenagers is in the colony, which is surrounded by a labyrinth, out of which no one has yet managed to find - this is the story sci-fi thriller "Running in the maze." In the story of the game, you also find yourself in a maze from which you want to find a way to save his life. That, apart from the plot similarities, the film brings together and created a runner? And the movie and the game were quite fascinating that allowed this runner to stand among his fellows. Dwell in more detail on the description of the runner.

What characterizes the maze and his environment? Made using high quality graphics. And the maze, and the area painted in grayish tones and is very common with the film. I want to pay particular attention to the maze. It contains a large number of routes, they are placed in different hazards which must be overcome. This traps, bridges, etc., with which you will meet in the game. In addition, the maze is dynamic and constantly changing its shape. Be careful!

This runner is original in that the races are not infinite, as in other games of this genre, and are limited in time, so you need to get to the next level or to return, collecting crystals on the way, torn maps, coins, necessary attributes for the opening of the new heroes, the transition to a new level or get other bonuses. If you do not have the time, do not gather all in one race, better go back, because if you stay in the maze, and time runs out, you lose a life. And the remaining "good" can dosobirat next race.

Advantages of the game The Maze Runner:

· Fascinating runner

· Plot echoes the storyline interesting thriller

· Good graphics

· Physics used at excellent level

· Difficult interesting problems

· A wide variety of bonuses

· Each level contains secrets

· For the game does not have to pay

What upset the game The Maze Runner:

· Thanks to Donato, you can buy the missing crystals, such as

· Internet connection - a prerequisite

Conclusion: The game you love, even if you did not watch the film because it's a good stand-alone product.

Download and enjoy the game!


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  • Posted by: laura saidi (Guest), 2014-12-25 16:32:56
    i love the maze runner <3 me favo is Dylan o' Brien and thomas gangter xx <3