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Barboskiny - a collection of a number of games that can be installed on the platform Android and iOS, which allows developers to get a larger number of downloads, and hence the users the bulk of whom are kids, as the developers of the game to include Bobaka "razvivalkam." Draws attention to the game and its title, consonant with the name of a famous cartoon.

After downloading the Toy Library Barboskiny, you can play the following games:

· "Washing dishes". Gives an idea of ​​how this is done.

· "In the word." In the picture shown something. This is something you need to call, to put the words from these letters.

· "Cards." Need to remember the position of cards, and then when the card is reversed, open on two of the same.

· "Football". A new feature that came with the update. Playing football with cartoon characters.

Probably Barboskiny may promote certain skills in the child, and certainly help to take the child, if you personally took a little time to spare. However, it is not known how long the child carried away by the game, because the free version is not short, but for the full cost of nearly $ 1.


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