Clumsy Spy


Clumsy Spy - a decent arcade game for Android. Very similar to what we are again presented a variation on the theme Clumsy Bird, because the number of downloads Clumsy Bird approaching fifty million, which will agree, quite a lot. Perhaps the developers Clumsy Spy expect similar success for their product. Live - see. I must say that the main character, a spy, no different to those qualities which usually have spies - intelligence, judgment, skill and cunning. Your hero - a spy-loser who gets into scrapes in life, and your task - to guide him in the right direction and not give him the abyss.

Spy-loser somehow got into the cave. The only thing that he has, - a broken fire extinguisher. Spy flies from the edge of the cave and falls down. Cave directly crammed with various obstacles, by which it is necessary, without touching them, fly, and hold on to the fire extinguisher. How far you can fly to help this loser, and there is a major concern.

Creative ability and endurance in the set, or loss of height. Why excerpt? Because this movement is not limited to time and moreover, divided by levels of complexity. You will be the soundtrack, which is very consistent and immediately adjusts to the game.

Positive qualities of the game Clumsy Spy:

· All very simple, no frills: gameplay, control

· Measured animation

· For the game does not have to pay

Negative qualities of the game Clumsy Spy:

· Trite and poorly captures

Summary: Of course, you can devote some time to this game, because if it is not even a copy, it is not the worst. Play - or not play - that is the question! Almost as Shakespeare.

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