Endless Replay


Endless Replay - great classic arcade game for Android. Energetic game requires you to fully focus on the actions taking place in it, pushing very hard and profound problems whose solution is based on the reactions of the human body.

The plot is missing. You just need to quickly respond to the situation, thinking time is very small - not more than a second. Distressing lack of logical conclusion, just like in the runner. The game continues as long as you do not get bored.

Squares, circles and triangles - those geometric shapes, which are mainly used in the design of the game. Movement - in the horizontal plane, the blocks can move up and down. Portal can be seen on the status of the situation: green - good, red - bad. Management - a ball with spikes, studs can not break, so please refrain from the collision. Gameplay - a fairly simple, easy to get used to the MDM. In general, the game is characterized as a complex, so the choice is yours!

Positive features of the game Endless Replay:

· Ease of implementation of graphics and gameplay

· Respect the hardcore? It suffices here

· Simple operation

· For the game does not have to pay!

The negative features of the game Endless Replay:

· Can bore its incessant

· Geometry is not maintained, it is not there

Resume: please leave the faint of heart! Not everyone has the strength to overcome the complexity and pace of the game, but everyone's strength to download the game for free and try it myself.

Download Endless Replay apk Free 14.08 MB version 1.22

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