Kill All Zombies


Kill All Zombies - great arcade game for Android. Bitter Byte Games has launched two versions of this game - one of them (the first) was paid, but realizing that a paid game swing without much enthusiasm, the developers launched a second, absolutely free!

Most that is ancient essence of the game is that, moving in one direction, you need to destroy as much as possible the number of zombies. The plot, of course, lacks a, and he hardly appropriate here. You have a choice of two characters - or biker girl with pigtails. Each of these moves on the streets of the city on his truck: a scooter or a motorcycle. Very important - will not crash, or - death. So, moving on city streets, your character must shoot all the oncoming zombies. From the destruction of zombies pour out coins, they are very prigodyatsya you when the need arises to restore life. The further you have got, the more your life, and in the end do not have enough coins.

If you are able to pick up the key, you open up new opportunities to overcome the difficulties.

Management set up in such a way that you can only be sent to the right or to the left, the rest is done automatically -pulemet he shoots, he sets the transport speed. Everything else is very positive - a large number of zombies, in which you have to shoot, nice music and good graphics.

Positive qualities of the game Kill All Zombies:

· A lot of attention paid to detail

· Smooth nice graphics

· Positive gameplay

· Good sound and nice music

· You can download without any money!

Negative qualities of the game Kill All Zombies:

· Old almost pointless idea

· Lack of control, limiting action

· Expensive return life

· Little bonuses on the road

Summary: if you want a good time, not zamorachivayas and without straining your brain? This is a good game is the best suited for this purpose. To get started - you need to download it.


Download Kill All Zombies apk Free 33.25 MB version 1.1.0

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