Perfect Spider-Man


Perfect Spider-Man - Runner on Android is growing, but the good runners, unfortunately, a limited number. This runner can be attributed to good, but the developers at Gameloft little "nakosyachili", to which you can pay attention or not.

Storyline. Heartening to note that there is a plot that is not very common for runners. In addition, the developers have provided a short insertion of comic books and dialogues. Dialogues, however, in English, but you can understand. Regardless of the storyline, the essence of the game is that you constantly have to run on the way to collect the proposed promotion and to fend off enemies. The essence of all runners is the same, so they have this name.

Graphics, animation, properties. Decent cartoon graphics is perfectly suited to the heroes of the comic book. Nice animation does not bother. One of the unpleasant features of this game is the payment for some of its elements. While running, you, of course, lose energy, which can recover for real money and then play continuously, reaching perfection and set records. Another not very nice feature of the game yavlyayutsya management problems. Your hero does not always respond to your commands, which in most cases leads to the loss. Despite these troubles, the overall runner quite interesting and modern.

Advantages Perfect Game Spider-Man:

· Popular comic book heroes

· Modern and pretty good implementation of the genre

· Presence (albeit nominal!) Storyline

· The game is not boring and quite addictive

· Preserve the history of the game up to 25 levels

· Wide variety of people-spiders

· Developers intend to further expand the number of character

· Free download

Disadvantages Perfect Game Spider-Man:

· Present Donat, but especially not interfere

· Problems with management (the developers have promised to remove)

E XECUTIVE S UMMARY: if the developers fix problems with the management and payment for energy to ensure the continuity of the process, will be a great runner, but for now ... Very recommend this game to fans in the first place, runners and, of course, comics.


Download Perfect Spider-Man apk Free 21.05 MB version 1.0.0i

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