Catch The Candies


Catch The Candies - Android game in the genre of puzzles and fill it with monsters and candy. Developers borrowed the idea of ​​the game Cut the Rope. The difference is that here we must not cut and shoot from a candy gun and calculate the trajectory of candy. We wish you good luck!

Your task - to feed the monsters of different colors, which are located at the bottom of the screen, and at the top - the same candy cannon that shoots candy. These candies have to feed the monsters-a sweet tooth. But do not forget that the number of sweets in the gun is limited, so shoot to infinity is not necessary. On the flight path of candy will come across obstacles, striking the candy that bounces, changing the flight path.

Each new level begins with the issuance of the job to be performed to complete the level. The complexity is increased by increasing the number of obstacles and a decrease in the number of attempts. At first glance, it's pretty simple, but it is not. See for yourself!

Key features and advantages of the game Catch The Candies:

- On the one hand the game is simple, the other - causes some difficulties

- A large number of levels - more than 50, and their number may be even more

- Beautiful, rich graphics and good physics

- Designed tasks at each level

- Shoot candy - it's fun!

What is negative in the game Catch The Candies:

- Some levels require you to perseverance and patience, because their passing will leave a lot of time

- Donut

Bottom line: if you do not have the necessary reserve of patience, it is better not to play to not spoil your nerves, because in this attractive and colorful game has levels, the passage of which you can spend more than one day.


Download Catch The Candies apk Free 5.92 MB version 1.5

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