Delivery Outlaw


Delivery Outlaw - a great game for Android, made ​​in the genre of 2D. You eat from left to right, and on your way there are difficulties in the form of steep hills, big jumps. Your main goal - not to break, stay safe and sound, as well as reach the finish line quickly. In fact these games are already known to you, but in this game you can find and plot. The game is made in the best traditions of anime that makes the gameplay interesting.

You are the main character racer on the last race you are flying off the track, but because of the fact that the rate was a large car soars into the sky, and, ironically, flies straight to the courthouse. You managed to eject, but your car with an incredible roar falls on the court, punching the roof and falls into the courtroom at the time, when there is a hearing in the same room for a parachute landing you. Angered by the judge takes away from the rider driving license and the life of our hero crumble like a sand castle. But there is always hope, near the exit of the court it is already waiting mysterious stranger. The stranger makes him an offer he receives, becoming the carrier of toxic waste.

Well, sat behind a moped for the tasks, you are faced with different problems, but you have the opportunity to improve and upgrade your scooter.

Delivery Outlaw has features:
- Becoming a good courier, you will be able to earn the respect of crime bosses

- Prove that you are able to complete all 32 stages

- Try it out all the vehicles, and their 6

- Try to unlock all 25 achievements

- There is a table of leaders at every stage of

- Play for free

There are minor drawbacks: the idea is not possible from the original, but with a good progression; I would like to better control; present Donat, which is completely inappropriate.

To summarize: a decent game, meet the requirements of the modern gaming world, but without special strengths. The presence of minor cons will not prevent those who appreciate this genre.



Download Delivery Outlaw apk Free 46.95 MB version 0.26

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