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Angry Birds Stella - great arcade game for Android. Many believe that the classic Angry Birds game is outdated, rubbed their relevance and popularity. In Rovio decided to refute the prevailing view and created a new product Angry Birds Stella. It should be noted that the new game is different from its classical predecessor, although the essence of the game remains the same.

I propose to consider some of the features of the new game Angry Birds Stella.

In the game Angry Birds Stella changed the storyline, although pigs are the same thieving, as before, but in this case they did not steal the eggs of birds. There is a new key figure - Stella, who smashes through level after level position of pigs, to punish them for theft and recover stolen. After all, the evil pigs stole Stella card, which she in no matter what was the need to find and return.

Scenario gameplay is simplified a bit by using the mode slow-mo, which allows more aptly fall of the same bird in a pig. The rest is almost the same. Successfully overcome each level are encouraged give one, two or three stars, depending on the number dialed points. It should be noted that some are not very fundamental adjustments made to the custom menu, but it should not cause any difficulties in handling. As for physics, there are no issues - all the same high grade, and it is always nice!

Product Highlights Angry Birds Stella:

- More levels (more than 120) and the possibility

- Improved more advanced graphics

- The action takes place on the beautiful island

- More skilled new actors

- Formed an album with photos on the memory

- Scanning tools TELEPODS allow the game to attract new birds

- The game remains free, that does honor to Rovio for choosing such a pricing strategy

- Advertising, of course, has been preserved, but not annoying.

Subtotal: game creator Rovio is able to create great games, and the emergence of a new product Angry Birds Stella is undisputed that confirmation. An infinite number of users will get great pleasure from the game and will be most satisfied and a new storyline and new actors, and, of course, new features along with top quality.



Download Angry Birds Stella apk Free 46.93 MB version 1.0.0

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