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PizzaBoy - ProjectorGames developers have released their first game for the Android platform and immediately made ​​its toll, because the game is performed at a good level. But the cost is low - a little over $ 1.

The essence of the game is that you need to deliver a pizza to different destinations, but first it must be loaded into the machine. Developers should consider the probability that the petrol in the car can end, and to move through the city streets need necessarily respecting the rules of the road, otherwise you can get into an accident. For pizza delivery at your disposal three cars, but only the first, slow and poor management, you get early in the game. After you deliver 100 pizzas can change on a pickup truck he was a little better, and a cool sports car you get when you pass 1000 miles, delivering pizza.

Two troubles that await you and can incapacitate: accident as a result of traffic violations and ended in a car petrol.

We characterize the graphs in which the game is executed. It should be noted its high quality, the color saturation and brightness. The city in which events occur is made using 3D technology, but the view from the top, which is somewhat reminiscent of GTA 2. Maps of the city is not, but you do not get lost if you move the pointer. City details registered, therefore turned out beautiful.

What good is a game PizzaBoy

  • Wonderful graphics
  • addictive gameplay
  • specification
  • gameplay, which you will not let go long

What upset game PizzaBoy

  • platnost
  • only one lesson - pizza delivery
  • little uncomfortable control, but you can get used

Outcome: lovers ride on city streets with a purpose game undeniably pleasant, because the game is fun, good quality and worth the money that is asked for it.


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