Moy Farm Day


Moy Farm Day - a wonderful app on Android, will fill your free time taking care of your farm pets. To date, the idea of ​​pets sufficiently relevant and popular on mobile devices, which are not demanding on system quality. You will not find action that requires special attention. Since you will have fun pleasant company. Also, one of the most famous genres is a farm that has won a huge audience and is represented on all possible platforms. The developers chose to do something that had not been realized, they released a game that has united them pet Moy and all the charm of the farm.

Moy Farm Day game opens up the opportunity to grow and useful
organic vegetables, fruits and
berries. Each crop will bring you profits that could be better spent
mind, for example,
expansion of their possessions, which again
You also add the possibility to grow more crops and
sell it. Thus a
You will be able to grow trees and magic
get a lot of decorative elements.

Moy Farm Day has special features:

- The set is presented here features a farm, a lot of plants that grow at different rates

- Lots of interesting items

- An incredible selection of plants


incredible size card that allows you to grow indefinitely

Stopping at
cons must be said that
will not find living creatures; quick profits that have nowhere to spend; a bit rustic in nature; no usual chips of the Moy.

top you find that first game is a fun and
exciting, but
a certain point you realize that the authors are
attempts to do
- Is
new, combining several subjects, not
really got the whole. But
you can try.


Download Moy Farm Day apk Free 5.9 MB version 1.1

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