TRANSFORMERS AGE OF EXTINCTION - awesome and exciting the official game of the movie "Transformers: The era of destruction" on Android. Was entrusted to release developer Mobage game, and the developers certainly boast their successes as LAWLESS, MOTOR WORLD CAR FACTORY, Tiny Tower, and more. The developer made the game Marvel comic book, making a game about Transformers, but it is the film almost did not apply, but the theme was awesome. Developers have gone further, creating a game runner.

Of course
same goal of the game is to run, but
Your tireless running process will need to destroy the Decepticons destroy the bosses. The game will remind you of the last battle, but
You all
also will have the opportunity to meet with
protagonists, and
as dinosaurs can learn more enemies.

This runner is available in two versions: You car, you transformer. Levels are built correctly so that your transformation is useful to you, but most importantly spend time transformation.

It should be noted pluses games, here they are just there.
- Awesome graphics and great gameplay

- Colorful effects

- Excellent transfer character character

- Driving, can only bring you pleasure.

It may be noted minor cons: long enough loading levels; robot game for a little uncomfortable; bit monotonous levels; English language only.

This result can be brought - take part in the game engine and put their own assessment.

Have a good time!

Download TRANSFORMERS AGE OF EXTINCTION apk Free 24.39 MB version 1.2.0

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