Small & Furious


Small Furious - Meet great arcade for Android developers from POSSIBLE Games. Immediately it may be noted that the reviews are mixed, so let's dig a little in the toy's try it and in fact. Before the game, you will be shown a great cartoon about how to escape from the strange laboratory crash test dummies. They are so small that they can fit in a matchbox. Well, of course, the question may arise as to why they are so small. You can still be a lot of questions, but not necessarily search for the answer.

The authors state that Small Furious - race, but opponents you will not find here. Your task - is to overcome obstacles, and at the end of the track you should shoot down the paper with characters that draw on the units for crash test. One word racing game is difficult to call, but the feeling of the car, unfortunately, no. There is a speedometer showing your speed in miles.

On the chart we can say that it is made sufficiently high quality, colorful, cartoon-like. Good game physics, and view the world around you exclusively qualitative 3D. Either way - it's way on the spaces at home, believe me, feeling like no matter what. Great before you open landscapes, details worked out to the smallest detail. It is impossible not to focus on the physics at cars, she rated excellent. Each and every car is good in its own way with its originality, and management will need to adapt.

So, summing up we can safely say that the game is good enough, has good physics, exciting track. Unfortunately, there is no sense of the game, but maybe it is not such a disadvantage, as it may seem at first glance.


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