Dead Route


Dead Route - fairly well-known developer Glu introduced us to the game on Android. Developer releases a lot of games of many genres, and opinions on a variety of products are formed, and especially after games like Dead Route. As such, there is no plot, your character runs through the streets, obbegite or jumping obstacles and scary zombies, so you have to shoot.

Staying on the gameplay can say with certainty that the gameplay is quite smooth, as a prerequisite for this kind of genre, but the physics of the game is not much that significantly cornering, not things and jumps. How would you not targeting a zombie will fall in one place and will be a lot of blood that resembles the game a decade ago. Unfortunately, neither physics nor the mechanics of the game you will not be surprised. Surprised that if time does not turn, your hero can not only have hurt, but to be killed on the wall, funny, is not it. Here is the moment that you may end up ammo, but finding them is not difficult, since the streets are strewn with boxes of ammunition.

Difficulties with obstacles are divided into three types: the obstacles that can run round that can jump that can shoot. Pleasant plus the game itself has character - a slender and bright blonde, you can see each level, and tight clothing.

Features from developer Dead Route:

- Have the ability to change the appearance of the hero, a decent wardrobe

- Govroya that game - exciting action, say not quite true

- Action with a lot of zombies, but there is a small but ...

- Speaking of blood, chaos, a little lacking to deystvitelnosi

- There Donat, which will allow you to purchase more items, the question arises - why.

Important: The game contains Cache path: sdcard / Android / obb

Download Dead Route apk Free 9.48 MB version 1.0.1

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