Castle of Illusion


Castle of Illusion - Meet incredible game from Disney for Android. Who does not know about the games, donated to us by Disney, which alone is worth the adventure of everyone's favorite crocodile Swamp with his incredible journey and adventures. Can not forget about the search for Empires, Nemo and many more other celebrities. Already this summer, Disney has decided to submit the game world - Castle of Illusion.

You can find one of the first stories about Mickey Mouse, released through Sega in 1990. Only exciting adventures await you already accustomed to heroes in the castle witch Mizrabel. History and former plot that adds charm and the game.

Fascinating story with kidnapping girlfriend Mickey, named Minnie. Minnie was kidnapped by the evil sorceress Mizrabel, closing it in his castle. Therefore, an important task is facing you - find Minnie and defeat the witch.

Colorful graphics and great gameplay, which is this time a totally new and unique. You will not play in the pixel 2D platformer, you can plunge into the bottomless deep and 3D world that will be beautiful, colorful and just terrific. Incredible game physics, realistic movement mechanics, all finished to perfection, it seems that taking a full part in the movie itself. Absolutely all the story inserts are beautiful sketches, musical accompaniment for a long time and can speak with admiration.

Talk about the pros can be long and happy. Namely

1. The wonderful story of the game and a great story

2. Stunning graphics and music

3. Realistic mechanics and physics

4. Broad gaming audience.

There is one drawback - the price. The cost of the game is $ 10, which will be needed in order to download the game from Google Play. The cost of the game, maybe a little stop you, but this is the game deserves to be the downloaded.

The result - the game is worth $ 10, worth every penny his, but without trying to play, you will not know it. Do not delay, start playing.


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