Shake Spears!


Shake Spears! - Meet exciting game on Android, similar in popularity on the "Invincible Knight" from developer Gameloft game. The game's plot is really like the fact that here and Knight, and the kingdom, and locks, and incredible tournaments. Hop on your horse and go to meet the enemy in order to knock him out of the saddle. But it should be noted that this game came out already as a year ago.

Shake Spears! Has features

- A stunning four kingdoms with a huge number of tournaments

- Your opponents are trained during a battle with you

- A great number of improvements to his hero

- Have the ability to change the settings before each fight

- There are even artifacts

The most important difference is that here the stunning graphics 2D, the difference in the system requirements, the unique voice of the game. You can stop at the small cons, such as the existence of Donat, small battles monotony and the physics of the game.

Summing up we can safely say that this game will give you a great pastime and positive emotions.



Download Shake Spears! apk Free 1.14 MB version 1.18

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