Abyss 2D


Abyss 2D - a wonderful and exciting game for Android, where the main role of Jimmy. Our hero is able to swim great, but unfortunately, it was captured by pirates. Ruthless pirates decided to use it for their own purposes, to its ability to bring even more wealth. Pirates forced him to jump into the bottomless depths of the sea, bringing them to their beloved pearl eye. But the treacherous sea cooked difficulties, so get ready for a difficult adventure.

Our Jimmy no equipment, no scuba gear. All what you can expect - is the air which you breathe in before you leap. You can collect bubbles that you replenish your air supply. You will encounter sea creatures that will not be hospitable to you. Besides marine inhabitants await you explosives, which here too full, so be careful.

Be careful, because the game captures on - complete. You can have fun.

Abyss 2D has features:

- Comfortable driving game that will be a force from small to large

- Simple management game

- Great gameplay

Very comfortable and convenient game, great colorful paints.


Download Abyss 2D apk Free 31.11 MB version 1.2.2

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