Sonic Dash


Sonic Dash - a great game and drayvovaya on Android with beloved hero Sonic. Only on your mobile device a terrific game - begalka with great jumps and spins. How far it can escape your character, depends only on you. Try your hand, what you can do with his friend Sonic.

Jump, dodge, overcome obstacles in this exciting game.
Using an incredible ability and the ability of the hero as the cast (dash), can quickly accelerate and run with incredible speed, smashing everything you can on your way.
Stunning features Sonic come to the rescue when you need to dodge, jump over obstacles and make the dead loop, and trashing the attack will help in the battle with the enemy.

It should be noted gorgeous graphics, decorated with touches of the world in which he lives Sonic that make the gameplay unforgettable.
Furthermore hero Sonic, you can choose to play and the other characters such as Tails, Knuckles or Shadow.

Game worthy complement brave battles with the bosses, which definitely need to fight for - for a limited time. Sassy and the boss here, a member of the Death Sixes. Take advantage of all its features and abilities.
Great ability to open, win and acquire improvements that help not to retire.

Importantly, the more games, the more prizes. Come difficult mission or try to win unique prizes.

Try to compare their achievements with the achievements of their friends on Facebook.

Good luck!


Download Sonic Dash apk Free 42.28 MB version 13.11.25

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