Zombies Ate My Doctor


Zombies Ate My Doctor -
excellent dynamic game on Anroid. Good shooter, unusual management gurney. The plot is a simple story, but a little frightening. You take on the role of sheriff, who woke up from a coma in a medical institution and realizes that the hospital is full of gruesome zombies. Of hospital helps you yvbratsya assistant deputy either. You together as a team, which frees your way, your task is to manage the gurney and shoot accurately, so as not to be eaten by zombies.

Zombies Ate My Doctor has features:

1. incredible, exciting soul combo

2. great arsenal of weapons

3. a good amount of coins for improvements

4. large variety of improvements and bonuses

5. gorgeous graphics.



Download Zombies Ate My Doctor apk Free 47.64 MB version 1.0.5

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