Forest Run


Forest Run - quite simple game on Android, which will eclipse all of your free time. An exciting toy will give you a positive charge and a good mood. The game focuses on the life of the protein and the inherent challenges. The game is simple to operate and has a colorful story.

Your goal, and the main task in Forest Run to help squirrel survive. Shy away from unpredictable monkeys, playful birds, dangerous bombs, aliens, and even a lot of other more unexpected hazards. Do not stop jumping up and down, do not miss the cherished nuts, which are vital ear as you need.


1. tap on the screen - jump

2. in order to take possession of the enemy, enough for him to jump

3. dodge attacks and obstacles

4. do not forget the covenant nuts

5. incredible super-modes: "overprotection", "crazy runner" and "Superman"

6. earn points to show a good result to your friends.


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