Cats and Food 2: Siberia Arcade


Cats and Food 2: Siberia Arcade - a great and fun game for Android, which will take you on a journey in search of food. Meet the next game Cat and Food. Now knit team cats hit the road in search of food in the freezing and inhospitable Siberia.

In our stellar team of three heroic cat: Murzyk, Kuzma, Vasya. Everyone - his own good and has unique abilities. Thus, for example, has a function of collector Murzyk food Kuzma simply brilliant engineer, well, Bob - a true magician. Each of their ability to increase the chances to pass the level with dignity.

Help good, hungry cats die from hunger by following the terrible maze and collect the food.

Cats and Food has 2 features:

1. a large number of levels

2. yoke suitable for different age categories

3. children the same rejoice

4. great physics and cartoon, colorful graphics

5. retro gaming and great modern style.

And remember that every game's protagonist bears its specific mission. Use them wisely and your efforts will be justified.



Download Cats and Food 2: Siberia Arcade apk Free 22.51 MB version 1.0.1

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