Dragon Story: Halloween


Dragon Story: Halloween - excellent, good game on Android with beautiful dragon. A brand new story to the magic Dragon celebration of All Saints - Halloween. There was the worst time of the year on the island. Excellent opportunity to grow a new holiday sweet terrible Dragons. And try to grow them big, giant size under the treacherous light of the full moon.

Features Dragon Story: Halloween:

1. not quite like the old new dragons here and Dragon - Raven, Dragon Skeleton, Dragon Vampire, and many more interesting and charismatic heroes!

2. dangerous island with the nightmarish ghosts, original,

, Eccentric decorations to celebrate Halloween.

3. dreadful and terrible job. Met with horrific characters and hear horrific stories from which the blood run cold in my veins.

4. music, from which the heart quivers as never support a mood of celebration.

Try to become an indispensable and the creator of the best Dragons - Bring forth a rare breed - Diamond Dragon!

1. Gather a collection of powerful, unusual, amusing dragons that will show up on - his own way, will show its mettle.

2. need to take care of them during all four levels, so that they have the opportunity to grow into a large adult dragons.

3. grow different colors of dragons, crossed them, creating hybrids.

Create perfectly rare breed of dragon in every color.

1. magic grow food for their pets. Feed them and watch them grow!

2. Engage design islands in their own way: Put them on colorful houses, towers, castles, decorate with bright colors, etc.

3. Gorgeous graphics, animation and sound, dragons come to life on the screen of a mobile device.

4. playing with friends, then give to, each other gifts, and help grow the dragons.

5. totally free updates.

Choose your favorite.

Importantly, for the game, it is necessary that the mobile device was
connected to


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