Alice in Wonderland HD ♛


Alice in Wonderland HD ♛ - a completely new version of the game for Android. Amazing game Alice in Wonderland HD is in Russian. New and interesting puzzle for you. Stunning new screens. Brand new items and objects. Exciting mini - games, interesting characters, a stunning, animated interface with an advanced search for key items, awesome games and a new understanding of the real life.

The much-loved story of an incredible writer Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland", where the main character is boring next to her sister, reading a book without colorful pictures. Alice already quite bored, looking around, saw where - that seeks rabbit who constantly looks at his watch. Alice was surprised, and she wanted to follow him. She wandered him in his rabbit hole and found herself in a fantasy world, a little strange, devoid of any - that the rules of logic and Wonderland, in which the characters live a little strange. Your task will be to help Alice in this wonderland and go home.

It is possible to unlock the full version of the game and the game itself

You will have amazing and exciting adventure. Unbelievable, a little weird, but at the same time exciting magical places in a hurry after a rabbit, you can decrease and increase, in order to penetrate into the secret passages, talk with strange heroes, meet you on the way, and be careful when sleep begins drag the.

Advice that will be useful to you in the game:

1. can use the 2x zoom, which will allow you to plunge into the abyss of pictures, and also take a hint, which tells of the search object.

2. You may have lost a clue, maybe not enough time, then come to the aid bonuses in the form of stars, hidden in the paintings.

Stunning scenery is playing Alice in Wonderland HD. Strolling in Dreamland Wonderland, a great opportunity to get acquainted with the local attractions and their inhabitants.

Alice in Wonderland HD has features:

1. 40 amazing game scenes

2. gorgeous, exciting mini-games

3. search for items

4. good support in the form of bonuses, etc.

5. different settings


Download Alice in Wonderland HD ♛ apk Free 6.66 MB version 1.020

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