Angry Gran 2


Angry Gran 2 - a great, dynamic, fun game on Android about Wicked granny. Well, who can forget her. Here are all the more serious, she came up with a great idea - go round the world trip on which need a large amount of money. The good old habit she takes his bat and again in the battle to earn coins on his dream.

The second part of the game is colorful graphics with a variety of locations and a variety of things for the cute Angry Grandmother: weapons, suits, useful things. Here it will be more affected, here and businessmen, gangsters, intellectuals, business woman, painters, plumbers, and others.

Rules are the same, go, thunder, beat the bat well, as usual. Beat will be in different cities, which are divided into zones. In order to leave the area and go to another, you must earn a specific amount denezhek. Any difficulties for Grandma because she can keep bang and does too, but keep in mind the police - it untouchable.

Earnings or waste into useful and necessary things, or else purchase bonuses.

Here are 3 modes: normal mode, zombie survival mode.

And let the dream come true!

Download Angry Gran 2 apk Free 15.02 MB version 1.0.6

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