MY LITTLE PONY - wonderful app for Android with magnificent Pony. Embark on a journey with the old, good friends and, of course, with a twinkle.

The story is sad that the Moon Pony long time spent in prison, but it was time and she was able to escape to the long-awaited freedom in Ponyville, and then came the everlasting night. But do not be sad, because Twilight Sparkle with your friends help Ponyville, returning the light and warmth of friendship to the ground. We need to help build a pony town and fulfill their dreams in exciting quests!

- Are all the favorite characters - Rainbow, Fluttershy, Applejack, and not only

- Let Ponyville will be the most beautiful and welcoming place in Equestria

- Do not miss the fun mini-games

- Enjoy the game together with friends, and then you will see that true friendship is worth

- Accompanying voices characters from the TV show.




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