Epic ™


Epic ™ - a great game is about the fabulous world of magic and just ringtones. Welcome to the wonderful and magical world of official games on three-dimensional adventure film! Totally free and you have a mobile device is a remarkable toy.

It should be noted that in order to make the game more interesting and multifaceted need to purchase the necessary items for you right in the game for the money.

The story and the history of the game is a fascinating story about the never-ending struggle between good and evil, the story of this friendship, comprehensive compassionate. The game will give you unforgettable encounters with a variety of cartoon characters that will help create a kingdom and save the world.

Your kingdom:

1. Excellent opportunity to build their own kingdom gin;

2. Great adventure with mini-games

Protect the forest for the jinn:

1. Brave fight against evil will lead you to the insidious Mandrake;

2. Experienced soldiers who have both, and the strengths and weaknesses. Incredible battle will go from the Lunar Landing to the fairytale Black Forest!

Your strength:

1. Create an awesome kingdom with his friends;

2. Excellent opportunity to compete with other players in online competitions (PvP)

It should be noted that this toy will appeal to those who liked the cartoon "Epic" as well as those who love the economic, military strategy and adventure. And the most important thing is that the game is free.

Official site of the cartoon: www.epic-film.ru

Download and enjoy!


Download Epic ™ apk Free 28.46 MB version 1.1.1

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