Puppy Tales


Puppy Tales - a very good arcade game for tablets and smartphones on the Android platform. Early in the morning of our visit puppy awakened unusual green-eyed guest. Overcome by curiosity and boredom surrounded by, the puppy decided to follow him. As you know the characters are not simple way, he waited for the test. Following in the footsteps of green guest tripped over a stone, our hero fell into a magical hole that opened a portal to another dimension altogether with its residents, who possessed extraordinary abilities. And so began the heroic adventures of a little puppy - a hero!

We need to help return the curious baby home! The ability to jump, fly, will save him from the monsters. The happy end of the adventure will be when you will be successful. To jump button «Jump» and


How to play:

To jump-button «Jump» and


- Jump to the monster and you destroy it.

- Extra points you get by collecting

medals, stones and coins.
- Amulets help to improve existing skills.
- Purchased improvement, amulets and costumes make the game
colorful and interesting.


- A large number of exciting levels of different complexity
- 3 magical world
- Brand new abilities

for puppy

- Ability to crush enemies in a jump
- Great store
for puppy

- Online Training


Download Puppy Tales apk Free 19.7 MB version 1.0.2

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