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KiKORiKi - Smeshariki beginning - the game was created after the children's cartoon Smeshariki. It is a wonderful arcade game in which you need to become a superhero, and you will manage with the same cartoon characters. On a plot of the game in the universe Smesharikov crept evil and they have to fight against this evil, despite the fact that their position in life or anyone not hurt and live in peace. At certain points in the game you play for different characters, then a rabbit or hedgehog, and when you need to be very care, then there will be a bear. Each of our heroes have superpowers, and you have to combine them and hurdle places in the game. The game consists of 3 parts, each of which is its own unique story.
Download for Android 6.1 +:

Download KiKORiKi - Smeshariki top apk Free 14.8 MB version 2.0.9

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