Overview of the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

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In Ice Cream Sandwich is a modern, stylish look, light text and bright neon lights of some elements contrast sharply with the asphalt-gray or black background.

The presence of sharp corners and edges in the interface, like most online services, Google, such as Calendar, Mail Gmail, Search, and others may not like it all, because it seems that you can cut yourself on them.

What might like, so this is a new specially designed for Ice Cream Sandwich font Roboto, one of the most interesting innovations in the Android platform, it is a sans serif, but looks much better than its predecessor, Droid Sans.

The interface of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich depth appeared, it became more solid, and does not seem so flat as Android 2.

We already know that Samsung and Sony are preparing new versions of their shells Android 4.0, and HTC.

Android has changed not only externally but also functional, too, and begin the change right from the lock screen - a circle with a lock as you can move to the right, for the simple and normal unlock, and the left, then immediately start the camera, so photos can now do almost through second after the phone is pulled from his pocket. Even now you can unlock the smartphone and the other way - just turning on face recognition face control. To do this, bring the device-to-face at a distance of 30-40 cm, and combined with the painted on top of an oval face. The only drawback that this function does not work very reliably, because if the light is weak or strong, then the phone can not find its owner and offer to enter the code. Also, when this function is enabled, the device alerts that can be unlocked just like the man for you.

Still waiting for you new possibilities for using the home screen, folders and icons can now be grouped by dragging and dropping, which makes it possible to accommodate more applications that are used most often on the main screen, there is a place for vidzhitov whose size can be changed as and Honeycomb.

Functional buttons at the Android 4.0 has only three: Back, Home, and switching tasks, and they are now on the screen. Just as in the Honeycomb, to see a list of recently used applications or complete them using the button switch tasks, it is enough just to hold your finger on the desired image on the screen left or right, and the application you want to unload. Previously used long press Home button to switch between tasks. Sometimes a button menu with three dots arranged vertically in a row, but only in some applications, it depends on the developers. Search button is not at all, but instead appeared undeletable search Vijay, who is top of the home screen.

Overall, a great shell, a smartphone on it faster than the previous version of Android, the frame rate rendering of the interface has grown a lot and now is not inferior to iOS or Windows Phone 7. This is because the interface OS, applications, and staff vidzhitov browser, Google uses hardware acceleration of OpenGL E. Of course there is a small brake, which can be noted not all the other moments, such as the gadget responds by pressing a button Home, Back, or displays a list of recently run applications or as a change in orientation of the screen. It is hoped that all delays will be eliminated in the updated versions of Android.

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