Android Games

Knight of the god - a game for the android platform, in which you will meet with various monsters, when you together with the knights will overcome a dangerous path through the dark dungeons. At your disposal are cards containing different characters and improvements, combining which, you will be able to strengthen your knight

Furious drag - a game for the android platform that offers you participation in active races passing through the streets of different cities. You need to have the perfect driving skills to challenge and defeat the best riders. So, you have to accelerate the car to the maximum speed

6? 6 offroad truck driving simulator - a platform game for android that invites you to make an exciting extreme journey. Managing a powerful six-wheel car, you will perform various interesting tasks and missions, the performance of which will require you to drive skills

Tiny hamsters: Idle clicker is a cool clicker game on Android. Your task is to customize hamsters, clicking on them as often as possible, so that they quickly spin the wheels of the generator, which generates electricity for your city. In the game, a lot of hamsters run around the city, many work at power plants or other enterprises

Dynasty legends - a dynamic role-playing game on Android, in which you have to fight with many opponents, while you need to use all the possible skills of your hero and with their help to crush the enemies. Your legendary hero from the era of the Three Kingdoms, who went on the road to adventure and battles with enemies

Equilibre is a fun game for the android platform that will require you to have a good reaction. You need to be able to press on the screen, so that not one bag falls from a loaded wagon, which slowly pulls along the uneven road a small donkey. Since your main task is not to let the bags fall off every time the cart is tilted

Flip the knife challenge - a game for the android platform that offers to become a "thrower" of knives and other cold weapons, a collection of which you can collect. To win a new knife for your collection, you need to play a bonus mini-game. You need to touch the screen to toss the knife up, and accurately calculate the throw so that the knife hits the target

Dungeon park heroes is a platform game for android that invites you to visit an unusual amusement park created by a great, but apparently not very kind wizard. Each location in this park is a deadly dungeon, and in these locations you need to hold your hero

War in pocket - a game for the android platform, which opens before you the opportunity to become the greatest military leader. To do this, you need to form a powerful army of different kinds of troops - infantry, tanks, aviation and other units, hire famous generals from the times of World War II

Rage of the righteous is an interesting platform game for android in which you will move in time and transfer to the times of the Three Kingdoms, where you will have unforgettable encounters with famous heroes that you can control on the battlefields, and a long journey in search of power

This section gathers a huge amount Android GamesSmartphone, tablet and smartbook, are all available for free download, after downloading the game on Android, it is desirable to write in the comments about your impressions of the game and it is working.