Ghosts and Apples Mobile

Game Arcade for reaction forcing


Ghosts and Apples Mobile  is an Android game in which you are a ghost catcher. On two sides of the screen there are special flasks, in each of which you can place a captured ghost. Your task is to create chains of 2 or more caught ghosts of the same color. The gameplay is divided into more than 70 levels with different design and game mechanics. Use the magic lasso with which you can send ghosts to the top or bottom of either of the two flasks. As you progress through the game, the task of collecting a sequence of certain colors will become more difficult, because there will be more and more colors of ghosts. Each stage has additional tasks for time, reaction or endurance, but after completing them, you can open secret levels.

The main features of the game Ghosts and Apples Mobile :

  • create chains of 2 or more caught ghosts of the same color
  • gameplay divided into over 70 levels
  • use the magic lasso


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