Plant with Care

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Plant with Care  is a game for the Android platform, which is positioned as a culinary puzzle in which you have to grow different ingredients for a delicious lunch in your garden. Each level is a grid of beds on which you need to plant different crops in a certain sequence. The game consists of 72 levels and a choice of three difficulty levels. Space is limited, and each vegetable has its own planting rules. You need to use the right seeds and plant them with care. Each stage is a list of ingredients needed to prepare dishes for different family members, so the key to successfully completing each level is the correct sequence of planting and proper placement of seeds in the beds.

The main features of the game Plant with Care :

  • 72 levels with three difficulty levels
  • each vegetable has its own planting rules
  • use the right seeds
  • plant them with care
  • successful completion of the level - proper arrangement of seeds


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