Flashback Mobile

Game Shooting shooter platformer ported 2d shooter pixel world retro


Flashback Mobile  is a game for the android platform, which is a combination of a shooter and a platforming game, as well as a mobile adaptation of an adventure from 93, in which modern graphic filters were used, sounds and music were updated, a choice of difficulty level was made and a rewind function was added, allowing you to replay dangerous moments. So, in accordance with the storyline, after the crash of the spaceship, the main character woke up on an unknown planet. He does not remember who he is and why he was here. Together with the main character, you will need to defend against the dangers of the surrounding world, which is decorated in the tradition of cyberpunk. You will fight with fantastic weapons with hidden conspiracies of a universal scale.

Main features of Flashback Mobile :

  • modern graphic filters used
  • the choice of the difficulty level is organized
  • added rewind function
  • the world around us is designed in the tradition of cyberpunk


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