Monopoly Sudoku - Complete puzzles & own it all!

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Monopoly Sudoku - Complete puzzles own it all! Is a game for the android platform, which is a simplified version of monopoly. To make a move you need to solve a Sudoku puzzle. Other activities, as well as property improvement, are also carried out using puzzles. The game supports single and multiplayer modes, daily challenges and seasonal championships. A flexible learning system helps beginners understand Sudoku puzzle solving and classic Monopoly. There is local multiplayer on 1 device. Special attention is paid to the online mode - for each victory or defeat in a multiplayer game, the players rating changes.

Main features of the game Monopoly Sudoku - Complete puzzles own it all! :

  • simplified version of monopoly
  • solving sudoku puzzles
  • support for multiple game modes
  • flexible training system
  • local multiplayer available
  • a rating is created based on the results
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