Series Makers Tycoon: TV Tycoon Simulator

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Series Makers Tycoon: TV Tycoon Simulator - a marketing game for the android platform, in which you can go from small video sketches at the university to the management of your own TV company with many departments and employees and your own streaming service. As you run a series and TV show studio, you can combine several of the forty-eight themes available to shoot any show. It is very important that your creations reach the target audience, for which you need to correctly select broadcast channels and promotion strategy. Later stages of the game offer streaming services instead of TV channels, while competition increases significantly. Now you have to involve sociologists, marketers and other specialists. More than 100 studies are available for effective promotion and more profit.

Main features of Series Makers Tycoon: TV Tycoon Simulator :

  • 48 available themes
  • selection of broadcasting channels and promotion strategies
  • more than 100 studies available
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