Pascals Wager Pascals Wager

Game Action slasher fantasy story


Pascals Wager  is an Android platform game that is a mixture of slasher and RPG set in a fantasy world plagued by dark magic. A black shroud covers the game world, and the lands between the cities are filled with terrible creatures. No one can understand why the locals are gradually going crazy. You have a choice of 4 characters with different abilities and combat tactics. As you follow the storyline, you will destroy monsters and bosses, explore vast locations and look for conspirators who overthrew the ancient ruler. In addition to the main tasks, there are a large number of additional ones, by completing which you can improve your reputation, gain experience and equipment.

The main properties of the game Pascals Wager :

  • gameplay on a fascinating plot
  • variable tasks the outcome of which depends on the players choice
  • four characters to choose from
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