Kikis Adventure

Game Action adventure platformer fantasy monsters


Kikis Adventure  is a game for the android platform, the main feature of which is the pumping of the skills and characteristics of the heroine based on role-playing mechanics. The main character is the red-haired girl Kiki, who will have to study different levels in several game zones. She will do parkour, kill monsters and solve simple puzzles. Magic spells should be combined with melee attacks, so some monsters are not affected by magic. For the destruction of enemies, collecting coins and other collectible items, the necessary experience is accumulated. Earned points can be spent on increasing the stock of health and magical power, or on strengthening one of the three magical abilities.

Key features of Kikis Adventure:

  • leveling skills heroine based on role-playing mechanics

  • magical abilities

  • points can be spent on increasing health and magical powers


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