Ultimate Spider Simulator 2

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Ultimate Spider Simulator 2  is a game for the android platform, made in the genre of a detailed and realistic spider simulator in the forest, for which you can create a family or a spider clan. You have to look for food, fight with other insects and animals, and to quickly move around the world, develop a network of webs. There is a pumping system that works as follows - experience points are earned for various activities from exploring the world to performing complex tests of dexterity and time. Achievements allow you to increase the speed and number of lives of a spider, to pump combat power. Your task is to monitor physiological needs such as hunger or thirst and pay attention to the simulation of life with the change of time of day, weather conditions and other features.

Key features of the game Ultimate Spider Simulator 2:

  • simulation gameplay

  • the presence of a change of time of day and weather conditions

  • good design


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