The white door

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The White Door - a game for the android platform, made in the genre of an interactive quest. The protagonist Robert Hill once woke up in a psychiatric hospital, absolutely not remembering what happened to him. You have to return the character to the memory, solving simple puzzles and performing daily routine actions. The story is narrated using a split screen, in each part of which different events simultaneously occur, which is the main innovation of the game. Behind the execution of tasks hides the disclosure of secrets and random events with riddles, and revealing the storyline, fans can find links to previous games of developers.

The main properties of the game The White Door :

  • point-and-click gameplay
  • quest genre from the creators of Cube Escape and Rusty Lake
  • search for secrets and random events with riddles
  • minimalistic hand-drawn graphics are used in the design
  • the ability to play mini-games


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